‘Create disruptions’: Why Atlassian’s Dom Price has no work routine

Atlassian work futurist Dom Price doesn’t have a daily routine. In fact, he doesn’t even have a weekly routine. Instead, he has a ritual he performs every Friday: he designs what the upcoming work week will look like.

Watch An Atlassian Work Futurist And An AI Expert Discuss The Future Of Work

Sky news anchor Jaynie Seal join Dr Catriona Wallace and Atlassian’s Dominic Price to discuss the way we work, and how that’s set to change in the years ahead.

Atlassian has revealed what makes Australians satisfied with remote work and what they miss about the old office life

Atlassian work futurist Dom Price told Business Insider Australia that Australia’s more positive response to working from home has partially to do with how quickly the country acted when the pandemic hit.

Australia’s post-COVID workforce: Shaping the path to recovery

“In the post-COVID world, WFA (work from anywhere) will be a new normal for many. Even as we look towards recovery, many workers will be more deliberate about when and why they go to the office,” says Atlassian work futurist Dom Price.

The Rise of Work Anywhere: New Atlassian Research Uncovers the Everyday Truths of Employees During the Pandemic

What we didn’t envisage was how a pandemic was going to throw accelerant on these plans,” says Dom Price, work futurist at Atlassian.

ASX to lift as businesses lash out at Andrews

You’ve probably heard that the best thing to do while working from home is to try to replicate your office routine. But workplace expert, Atlassian futurist Dom Price, has a different approach. Here’s why he threw his routine out the window.

Dom Price on leadership during COVID-19, and what Atlassian got wrong

Atlassian's resident Tech Futurist Dom Price. When it comes to the global pandemic and the abrupt shift to remote work, even a tech giant such as Atlassian can be caught unawares, according to the Aussie unicorn’s resident tech futurist.

Has the future of the office changed forever?

Dom Price, work futurist at Atlassian, says the survey shows the office is not dead, with many indicating they want to divide their time between working from home and the office.

Atlassian work futurist Dominic Price says don't bother trying to predict the future – instead, try to 'unlearn' habits you've built in the past

Atlassian work futurist Dominic Price highlighted the danger of businesses trying to predict the future.

Atlassian business software giant pushes out free Chrome extension to help fix bad workplace habits

Mr Price has been predicting the future of the workplace for Australia’s largest tech success Atlassian's for more than six years now, but one drastic move he made freed up more time than anything else.

Coronavirus recession, not robots, set to take jobs from future workforce

Atlassian's Dom Price believes the pandemic will speed up the pace of technological change

“No bullshit”: Atlassian’s Dom Price shares four key ingredients for scaling a startup

Over 15 years, Atlassian has grown from fledgling startup to employing 2500 people across nine countries, and the company’s head of R&D and ‘work futurist’ Dom Price says it’s all down to strong company values — and strong examples from the top.

Inclusivity, Team Building During COVID-19


Employees want their employers to take action on social issues, cost of living and the environment

Atlassian work futurist Dom Price said the new mandate for businesses was about “planet and people and purpose, not instead of profit, but as well as”.

An Atlassian 'work guru' says businesses should stop being efficient and become effective

Dom Price, the Work Futurist for Australian tech giant Atlassian, told an audience at the SXSW conference most businesses are set up to deliver efficiency rather than effectiveness, which is a bad place to be in the modern business world.